Networking System & Internet

The network system exchanges information and shares different resources and equipment. There are several independent computers (different or similar) connected in a network, which is used to share information using a server.

Networking provides:

  • Share resources such as printers, storage, files, etc.
  • Increase productivity of work through easy access to information.
  • Security, by restricting access to information over a network to authorized individuals.

Digits Home offers a lot of network systems services, including design, supply and install advanced solutions for computer networks and the Internet, in order to provide a stable work environment that supports the completion of businesses for companies and institutions.

Digits Home also offers technical support and network maintenance.

server room

Digits Home services are:

  • Optimize the network’s performance and stability.
  • Using multiple means and innovative solutions to connect the branches of the company or institution, such as wired, wireless, and fiber-optic networks.
  • Designing and equipping server rooms and associated devices.
  • Providing and connecting the internet.
  • As well as providing all types of technical support and network maintenance.

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